Lost Is Not Losing (25/11/2016)

'Delivers an Extraordinary punch' - Daily Express ****

'Glasgow's Doghouse Roses take us to the dark side and back. They're folking great!' Americana UK 8/10

'‘Tasker’s virtuosity and Macdonald’s wonderfully versatile voice shine through and create their own harmonious theme…a highly effective contemporary sound drawing on folk, country and americana influences.  **** R2 Magazine December 2016' - ****, R2 Magazine, December 2016

'Majestic guitar playing and peerless, glorious vocals on songs that drift from laments to country highway stonkers'  - Fatea Magazine

'Glasgow duo Paul Tasker and Iona Macdonald have often been compared to Sandy Denny and Bert Jansch, and it's easy to understand why; a self confessed Jansch devotee, Tasker's playing has the same flowing feel, his effortless fingerpicking perfectly complementing Macdonald's fragile vocals. An album that doesn't shirk from difficult subject matter - politics, alcoholism and prostitution are all vividly brought to life - from the folky 'The Whistle Song', to the light country feel of Diesel Engine' and Paul's 'New Year Rag', the pair borrow influences from all over the place.  But it all hangs together making this rather special' - Acoustic Magazine, November 2016


This Broken Key

This Broken Key (2010)

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How've You Been (all this time)? (2009)

...Their blend of traditional Scottish folk and alt-rock is an unexpected success. Vocalist Iona Macdonald has an ethereal voice, while guitarist Paul Tasker plays with a level of expertise that immediately puts them head and shoulders above the opposition' Acoustic Magazine,

'These are musicians who've paid their dues, and taken time to grow comfortable with their sound - and it pays dividends here. Prepare to fall under their spell - prepare to fall in love! Folking.com

in Iona Macdonald's singing resides a loveliness which cannot be taught and sometimes reminds one of Jacqui McShee' - Rolling Stone Magazine, Germany, Feb 2009

It is not usual that newcomers write songs that feels like classics. Doghouses Roses does this... Together, this duo creates a moving landscape of sound, filled with feelings and spectacular lyrics'  Lira Musicmagasin, Sweden, Feb 2009

'Very beautiful to listen to and marvellously arranged' Der Kurier newspaper, Germany

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